What You Need to Know About Your Medicare Plan D

What You Need to Know About Your Medicare Plan D

While other policies, parts and programs can confuse citizens, Medicare Plan D makes sense. It may be the simplest aspect of the whole program! The most important thing to know is everyone with Medicare qualifies for this supplement. Plan D is one of the ways you can get prescription drug coverage through Medicare. As a matter of fact, many refer to Plan D as drug coverage.

How to Get Drug Coverage

Prescription drug coverage is one Medicare benefit found in Plan D. While some can get coverage for your prescriptions through a Medicare Advantage Plan, every person using the program qualifies for Plan D. It’s important to note that individuals who don’t enroll in this coverage will pay a late enrollment fee if they decide they need it after the enrollment period ends.

Another essential aspect of this plan is how Medicare Advantage can be altered. If you’re receiving prescription drug coverage through Part C, you will be disenrolled from that policy when you sign up for Part D. It’s important to speak with your insurance agent before you sign up.

What Does Plan D Cover?

The Medicare benefits you’ll receive from Plan D can be varied because each plan has its own list of drug coverage. This is called a formulary. Most plans place different drugs into a variety of tiers on their formulary. Each tier has a different drug cost for enrollees. Drugs in lower tiers often cost less than ones in higher tiers.

Costs for Medicare Plan D

Actual costs of your Medicare supplement insurance policies will always vary. For Part D, your cost will depend upon the drugs you choose and use, the plan you choose, the pharmacy you use, the formulary and more. Many costs add up to create the total amount you’ll pay for Plan D, including:

Part D with Other Policies

While Medicare Plan D doesn’t work well with many forms of Medicare Advantage, the coverage does combine readily with a variety of different insurance types. Many people use this coverage with:

There’s an excellent chance you qualify for Plan D, even if you have other types of insurance. It’s essential to find out how you are eligible for coverage, as you never know when you’ll have a prescription need.

Prescription Coverage For All

Don’t wait until you’ll have to pay a late enrollment penalty. Each year these fines continually shoot up! Get drug coverage today with Medicare Plan D. The plan is easier to understand than many others in the program. Reach out today and we can help you get into a plan. Here at American Family Senior Services, we strive to help people just like you with all their Medicare confusion.

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