Why Are You Still Paying for Medigap Plan J?

Why Are You Still Paying for Medigap Plan J?

Medigap Plan J has been discontinued for over six years. The Medicare supplement insurance plan was one of the most popular ever, due to the extensive coverage provided. While the Medicare benefits found in this program are great, if you have Plan J coverage, your insurance company may have been taking advantage of you.

What Is Plan J?

One of the popular Medigap policies, Plan J offered comprehensive coverage and a reasonable pricing structure. It was created to cover many of the high risks and gaps associated with original Medicare Part A and Part B. The plan was originally discontinued in 2010 for new enrollees. People already using the coverage were allowed to continue using the policy.

Is Plan J the Best Option?

Many of these senior citizens who had Medicare benefits stemming from having Plan J coverage did decide to keep the policy. These people were thrilled with the comprehensive coverage, and the pricing seemed to be fair – that is until Plan F made Plan J nearly obsolete.

Did Your Insurance Provider Put Profits Over You?

What a lot of people don’t realize is plan F offers 100% identical coverage as Plan J, but it’s significantly cheaper. By switching to Plan F, you could have easily saved well over $1,000 a year. And this change has been available for six years.

Medigap Plan J doesn’t provide any additional Medicare benefits to customers over Plan F. So why did insurance providers let their clients continue on Plan J? Well, that comes down to pricing. Plan F offers the same benefits, but is significantly less expensive.

Your insurance company had over 2,000 days to inform you that you were spending significantly more on Plan J without any better coverage. They could have helped you save over $5,000, but they didn’t. Instead, it seems your insurance provider pocketed that money!

Stop Settling!

We understand the insurance industry is not non-profit. Without profits, no insurance provider would be in business long. The problem is your agency may have been putting profits ahead of people, if you’re still paying for Medigap Plan J instead of Plan F. With a simple phone call, your agency could have saved you over $5,000!

Communication is key. Trusting whom you work with is also important. If you’re paying for Medicare Plan J, you may not be working with an insurance agent who cares or communicates. Here at American Family Insurance Service, we believe this type of unethical behavior should not be allowed. You shouldn’t grossly overpay for coverage, especially when you’re on Medicare. We want to help you save money and get the best coverage possible. We want to be the insurance agents you can trust to help you find the best policies at the absolute best prices.

If you’re still paying for Plan J, please contact us. Savings of $1,000 or more a year on healthcare could be in your future.

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