Critical Care

If you or a family member were diagnosed with a serious illness, would you want to rely on the procedures your insurance company wants to pay for? What if these procedures statistically proved ineffectual or dangerous to your health, possibly causing additional health problems? Or would you choose the freedom and flexiblity to select the best doctors anywhere in the world that specialize in curing and reversing your specific health problem?

Major Medical insurance proves unreliable, as 64% of people that declare bankruptcy did so due to medical bills they acquired while they were covered with top notch health insurance. Even if you accept the medical procedures your health insurance pays for, its unlikely it will pay the mortgage, day care, car payments, and replace income from weeks of time away from work.

What Conditions Does Critical Care Cover?

A critical illness policy may pay a cash payment for 17 different health conditions. Here are just a few that are covered:

Critical Care

Does Having Cash Help?

Of course! A critical illness policy can pay you a huge lump sum that you can choose to use for whatever you decide. When you have cash, you have options. When you have a lot of cash, you have a lot of options. There are some companies willing to payout up to $475,000 upon diagnosis of cancer, for example. You could use this money to support

Critical Care

What’s the Catch?

You have to apply for the critical care insurance and become approved in order for the policy to be in effect. Insurance is purchased according to your age and your health history. As long as you have been reasonably healthy within the last 5 years, you have a good chance of approval for an excellent policy.

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