Social Security

We’ll Help You Protect Yourself and Plan Ahead

If you’re a future retiree, don’t let yourself assume retirement on social security is your ticket to carefree living.

What Does Your Retirement Look Like?

As retirement grows closer and closer, many seniors envision a rosy picture of what their new, work-free lives will be like. Most see it as their parents experienced it– a chance for complete relaxation, all cushioned by a hefty retirement package and shored up by social security benefits that allowed them to live comfortably and concern themselves only with their hobbies and leisurely goals. And we agree. One of the most significant benefits of social security should be your freedom and peace of mind.

Social Security

It’s Not a Pretty Picture

However, this is far from what retirement is actually like—especially if you don’t take the steps you need to protect yourself. Social Security retirement benefits don’t stretch very far, and if this is your only source of income, you will wind up in dire economic straits.

Some Shocking Statistics

Did you know up to a third of seniors who receive social security benefits failed to save any money during their working years, so it’s all they have to live on? Living on a fixed income with unexpected rising costs would make anyone uncomfortable! Here are some other numbers that make dependence on social security downright scary:

Social Security

Is it Too Late?

If you are reading this, you are likely nearing or already fit underneath the umbrella for social security benefits eligibility. Anyone who is 62 years old and over automatically qualifies to begin the application process. However, this should not be your only source of income for stable and comfortable living. But don’t fret! You have other options that will allow you to live with a bit more freedom and less worry over how you’ll get by from month to month.

Let Us Help!

Social Security

At American Family Senior Services, our main priority is to protect, promote and enhance your freedom to make intelligent decisions. We have an abundance of important social security information you will need as you approach your retirement. We can help you tap into services that will teach you how to manage your money. We can also help you apply for bonus monthly payment packages, such as Supplemental Security Income, which will grant you $1066 every month if you live with a spouse or $710 if you are single.

The prospect of financial instability is frightening and shouldn’t loom over your future. If you don’t want to spend your “golden years” living paycheck to paycheck, contact us for social security retirement information. We can help you create a sound plan.

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