Everything You Should Know about Medigap Plan C

Everything You Should Know about Medigap Plan C

Medicare supplement insurance policies must follow a variety of federal and state legislation created to protect people just like you. Each policy is thusly similar, no matter the state you live in. Every Medigap policy offers the same base benefits while certain plans also offer additional coverage. This allows people to choose the perfect policy for their needs.

What Is Medigap Plan C?

Medigap Plan C is an extensive coverage policy. Considered the second most comprehensive Medigap Policy, Plan C covers almost all Medicare-approved out-of-pocket costs. Before purchasing this plan, it’s important to note that Plan F does offer more coverage, but this comes at an extra cost.

Medigap Plan C Coverage

No insurance policy is perfect, but most find the coverage in Plan C comprehensive. If you’re interested in this plan, Medigap Plan C covers:

What Doesn’t Medigap Plan C Cover?

Medigap Part C doesn’t cover everything. For example, coverage does not extend to Medicare Part B excess expenses. Some doctors are allowed to charge more than the Medicare-approved costs for a service. If excess does occur, that excess is charged directly to you, the patient. Many times doctors can charge up to 15% over the approved amount.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Costs

Private insurance companies sell Medicare supplement insurance. If you choose a supplement, your premium may vary depending on the agency you work with and the state you reside in. However, every Medicare and Medigap policy are required to offer the same standardized Medicare benefits.

Enroll Before It’s Too Late

While Medigap Plan C can offer numerous citizens great healthcare benefits, you don’t want to wait to sign up. If you enroll during the six-month period for Medigap open enrollment, nearly all insurance companies must accept your application, even if you are in bad health. They are not even allowed to impose a waiting period of your enrollment. This is a big deal!

Don’t miss out on your chance to enroll in one of the best Medigap programs available to individuals 65+ and enrolled in Medicare Part B. You also must live in the service area of the plan. To learn more and ensure you enroll when you can, get in touch quickly. We look forward to helping you solve all your Medicare concerns.

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